Tooth Extraction in South Calgary, AB

In spite of our best efforts, sometimes a dental extraction becomes necessary to relieve pain or because a troubled tooth will not respond to restorative or therapeutic treatments. 

In other cases, wisdom teeth, also called third molars, cause painful symptoms that result in overcrowding or pressure on adjacent teeth.

We offer tooth extractions in our South Calgary dental office, and also welcome dental emergencies for patients who experience holding jaw | Dentist calgary AB

Why Teeth Require Extraction

In many cases, we can repair or treat a painful tooth to prolong its life and avoid extraction. In some cases, this is not possible. Here are some cases when an extraction might be the best solution.

  • Split or deeply fractured tooth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Tooth broken off at the gumline
  • Extractions for patients seeking full dentures
  • Untreatable gum disease with bone loss

At Avenida Dental Centre, we will always discuss all of your treatment options with you and help you make a choice that works best for you and your smile. Extraction is never a choice to take lightly, so we always welcome questions and can show you using x-ray or intraoral cameras what our dentists are seeing.

Often, root canal therapy and the proper restoration will be adequate to protect teeth with proper home and professional care.

Tooth Loss and Oral Health

wisdom teeth xray | Dentist Calgary ABA missing tooth can contribute to a number of oral health conditions including bone loss and a shifting bite.

Bone loss – When the root is no longer present to stimulate bone regeneration, the jawbone may begin to resorb or disappear. Resorption can lead to bone degeneration and destabilize the foundation of the adjacent teeth. When enough bone deteriorates, it may cause the facial feature to appear sunken because of the lack of support.

Shifting bite – Malocclusion, or a bad bite, can occur as remaining teeth tilt toward the space left by a missing tooth. Tilting and shifting may also expose roots, increasing sensitivity and the risk of decay.

Our dentists, Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, Dr. Colton Toy, Dr. Christine Holko or Dr. Bob Huff, will discuss both the benefits and limitations of tooth extraction. 

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in T2J 7A4

We evaluate our teen and young adult patients as part of their routine dental checkups to determine if wisdom teeth will cause overcrowding, malocclusion, infection or pain. Not every patient requires wisdom teeth extractions, and if they remain asymptomatic, patients may wish to keep them. 

It is important to note that because of their location at the back of the mouth, they are more difficult to reach. Consequently, wisdom teeth require additional care to prevent gum disease and infection.

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Dental extractions are a big decision, and our team will help you make the choice that supports your health and smile goals.