Preventive Dentistry in South Calgary, AB

As the name suggests, preventive dentistry aims to help patients avoid dental conditions such as periodontal disease, decay, bone loss, and tooth loss. At Avenida Dental Centre, we customize preventive treatment plans based on the needs of each individual.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

A comprehensive oral exam, often called a checkup, evaluates oral tissue, teeth, bite, and jaw function. Often including an oral cancer screening, dental exams are an essential part of dental healthcare.

Dental exams include:

  • Consultation with patient
  • Updated medical history
  • Review of patient concerns
  • Tooth-by-tooth exam
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Dental x-rays
  • Evaluation of current dentistry
  • Development and growth (children’s dentistry)

A visual exam will help dentists determine if signs of nighttime teeth grinding or excessive wear exists. Regular check-ups are much more than a check and are essential for maintaining good oral health.

Professional Dental Cleanings in T2J 7A4

Dental cleanings remove the tartar that collects between dental visits. Even when patients brush and floss regularly, plaque may collect and harden into tartar, which requires professional instruments and training to remove. Your hygienist will scale and polish teeth to remove tartar and bacteria that lead to gum disease and bone loss.

Our dental hygienists work closely with patients to educate, demonstrate and answer patients’ questions. They will organize a treatment plan that supports each patient’s current condition. 

In some cases, twice-yearly dental visits might be sufficient to keep teeth and gums healthy. Patients who are pregnant or have certain medical conditions and are managing periodontal disease could benefit from more frequent visits. Your South Calgary dentist will discuss recommendations and treatment options with you.

Additional Preventive Dental Treatments

For patients who are at risk for the development of dental decay, also called caries, we offer additional treatments to reduce decay.

  • Fluoride varnish – supports remineralization of enamel
  • Fissure sealants – create a barrier between bacteria and the grooves in teeth

These treatments are recommended based on patients’ needs. While used most commonly in children, some adults may find added protection for decay beneficial.

Mouthguards and Nightguards

Athletic mouthguards protect teeth and gums when participating in sports or adventure activities. Mouthguards cover the teeth and gums and absorb some of the force caused by a hockey stick or stray ball.

Bruxism or teeth grinding nightguards create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth that often occur due to a chronic teeth-grinding habit.

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