When we welcome a new patient to Avenida Dental Centre, our dentists believe it is beneficial to have a comprehensive understanding of overall oral health. We ask new patients over 18 to set aside a couple of hours to spend with us, not just for a dental exam, but also so that we can get to know you and your goals for your smile.

Dental exam room at Avenida Dental CentreAdult New Patient Exams and Cleanings

We hope you appreciate our comprehensive approach to dentistry. We believe that patients who are knowledgeable regarding their oral health have the advantage of making informed choices that could impact the health and appearance of their smiles for many years to come.

  • Tooth-by-tooth exam
  • Evaluation of current dental restorations
  • Periodontal analysis
  • Bite and jaw health
  • Diagnostic x-rays
  • Intraoral photos
  • Discussion and consultation

Your first visit is also a great time to tell your dentist about any cosmetic goals you have, such as having a whiter smile or straight teeth. 

Personally Tailored Dental Cleanings

As you might imagine, a person who attends regular six-month dental cleanings will have different requirements than someone who has been away from the dental office for a few years. We tailor your dental cleaning to meet your needs and to manage any periodontal disease that has developed.

Our hygienists strive to provide gentle, yet thorough dental cleanings. They enjoy sharing best practices and tips to make your home care a success.

You can count on compassionate care without guilt or judgment from our team. Our clinicians are solution-focused and passionate about their professions, and they also love caring for our patients.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit to Our T2J 7A4 Clinic

At the recommendation of the Canadian Dental Association, we encourage parents to bring children in by age one or when their first teeth make an appearance. Our kid-friendly dentists will help your little one become familiar with the dental office and team, as well as ensuring that their growth and development is on track.

Emergency Dental Appointments

In an ideal world, every patient would enter our practice with a full new patient examination and consultation. Sometimes, however, dental emergencies bring new patients to our door who are seeking relief from a toothache or pain.

Our problem-focused exam will help us relieve symptoms and stabilize your condition. Once we take care of your immediate needs, we will invite you to become a regular patient at Avenida Dental Centre.

Contact Our South Calgary Clinic to Book a Dental Appointment

We welcome you to give us a call and schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Jayde Wiedemann, Dr. Colton Toy, or Dr. Christine Holko. We look forward to meeting you.