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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventive Dentistry

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Choosing a Calgary dentist to look after your family is a big decision. When you choose Avenida Dental Centre for your dentistry, we want you to feel confident in your choice, which is why we always welcome your questions. If you do not see your specific question listed here, give us a call and one of our friendly and professional team members will be happy to help.

Preventive Dentistry

woman getting her teeth whitened | Calgary AB DentistTeeth collect stains over time due as they are exposed to colourful foods, tea, coffee, wine, or from tobacco use. We offer teeth whitening, also called teeth bleaching, to remove stains caused by everyday life.

Teeth whitening is safe for most healthy patients. A checkup with one of our Avenida Dental Centre dentists will ensure that your particular type of discolouration will respond to teeth whitening and that it will be safe for you.

We create custom take-home whitening trays for patients to whiten their teeth gradually over the course of several weeks. It is always more effective to begin a teeth whitening program following a professional dental cleaning, which removes tartar and surface stains.

Teeth Whitening in South Calgary

  • Impressions of teeth
  • Instructions on home whitening procedure
  • Delivery of custom teeth bleaching trays

To avoid sensitive teeth and gums, follow the instructions precisely. Using more than the recommended amount of whitening gel could cause it to leak out of the tray edges. 

Over time, stains can begin to collect again. We offer additional whitening gel for touch-ups should you wish to maintain the whiter, brighter appearance of your teeth.

We invite you to contact our dental office to arrange a consultation to discover if teeth whitening is right for you.

gum disease treatment | Calgary AB DentistHealthy gums should not be inflamed or bleed while brushing, flossing, or eating. 

As part of our preventive dental care, we provide a periodontal evaluation to identify any areas of bleeding or pocketing.

How Periodontal Disease Develops

Periodontal disease develops when bacteria infect the gum tissue. Early gum disease, called gingivitis, is often reversible with improved home and professional care and a dental cleaning designed to remove tartar, which irritates gum tissue.

As infection advances into periodontitis, pockets develop between the gums and tooth structure. When left untreated, tooth loss and bone loss can occur.

Gum Disease Treatment in T2J 7A4

We offer customized gum disease treatments in our South Calgary dental office to assist in healing and the management of gum disease. A targeted dental cleaning will remove tartar and bacteria from between the teeth and below the gumline. Our hygienists and dentists focus on patient comfort and providing educational resources to empower patients to regain their health.

Regular follow-up dental cleanings at 3-4 month intervals, combined with diligent home care will assist in maintaining healthy gums.

In some cases, medicated oral rinses may be part of a gum disease treatment regimen.

If you notice painful gum tissue, recession, or if your gums bleed when you clean them, contact Avenida Dental Centre. We look forward to welcoming you.

tooth | Dentist Calgary ABEach patient is different, and your oral health can change throughout your lifetime. Certain health conditions, such as pregnancy or diabetes, may mean that more frequent dental visits could be beneficial.

For most patients, visits every three to six months will support good oral health. We will discuss our recommendations with you and answer any questions you have.

Six-Month Dental Exams and Cleanings in T2J 7A4

Many people believe that twice-yearly dental exams are enough. For generally healthy patients with minimal dental needs, these maintenance appointments that include a dental checkup, x-rays, scale and polish and an updated medical history will be sufficient. 

Of course, if a change occurs, your personalized dental treatment plan may need an adjustment.

Three or four Month Dental Exams and Cleanings

For patients with periodontal (gum) disease, maintenance appointments will reduce the likelihood of re-infection. Once you have gum disease, you will always be more prone to a reoccurrence. Three or four dental cleanings per year are often recommended.

Our dentists and hygienists are passionate about making each dental appointment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for our South Calgary community. Even if you have missed a few dental cleanings, we will help you get back on track without guilt or judgment.

Contact Our South Calgary Dental Clinic

Do you have more questions on cavities? Please contact Avenida Dental Centre to schedule your next dental appointment.

types of dentures | Calgary AB DentistIll-fitting dentures can make it difficult to eat a variety of foods and may even cause embarrassment when eating with others. Dentures that slip or fall can also cause denture sores to form as they shift about in the mouth.

Because of changes in bone over time, dentures require periodic relines or replacement. Other changes in health can also cause denture fit to change, including weight gain or loss. 

Schedule Periodic Dental Exams

Even if you do not have any remaining natural teeth, we still recommend periodic dental exams to support good oral health. 

  • Exam of soft tissue and gums
  • Denture exam and inspection
  • Adjustments to both full and partial dentures
  • X-rays to monitor bone health

Regular Dental Exams in T2J 7A4

Many patients with dentures do not realize the importance of regular dental exams. Your dentist is often the first person to notice changes in tissue that could indicate oral cancer or the presence of pre-cancerous lesions. As with all types of cancer, early detection improves prognosis.

If we ever see suspicious tissue lesions, our dentists will recommend a biopsy and follow up with your results.

For new dentures or to have the fit of your denture adjusted, please contact our South Calgary dental office to book a dental appointment.

woman getting dental exam | Dentist Calgary ABWe usually will spend a couple of hours with each new patient over the age of 18 for a cleaning and a visit with our dentist. A comprehensive exam and consultation will help you and your dentist develop rapport and give you an opportunity to share anything about your oral health that has been bothering you or that you have questions about.

Each person is unique and we want to create an oral health strategy personally tailored to your specific needs. 

Your First Dental Visit

  • Evaluation of each tooth
  • Examination of dental restorations
  • Soft tissue health check
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Dental x-rays (if necessary)
  • Explanation of any oral conditions
  • Presentation of treatment options and alternatives
  • Scheduling next appointments when applicable

Dental Cleanings in T2J 7A4

Dental cleanings are tailored to support healthy teeth and gums. A scale and polish might be sufficient for one patient, while others might require a more extensive dental cleaning to remove tartar and promote healing.

Intraoral photos, taken in the dental chair, will assist our dentists in explaining anything they see that requires your attention.

For a dental appointment in South Calgary, contact Avenida Dental Centre. We welcome new patients and proudly serve the Calgary community.

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Want to learn more about dental x-rays and how we use them at Avenida Dental Center? Please contact our South Calgary dental clinic for more information on dental x-rays. 

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