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What is a permanent tooth replacement option?

Dentistry has seen some incredible and impressive advancements, especially concerning tooth replacement. 

Any archeologist will confirm that humans have always been interested in restoring a lost tooth. We've been incredibly clever and creative in our techniques and materials, yet few replacement teeth can fuse with your jaw bone without being rejected.

The Success of Dental Implants

While there are many things to appreciate about dental implants, a major draw is the over 95 percent success rate they enjoy.

Many Calgary patients can enjoy the look and function of a new smile without having to worry about their implant slipping, falling, or failing.

Natural-Looking Tooth Restorations

While many tooth restorations are beautifully and accurately handcrafted to resemble your natural tooth, only dental implants can fill in for an absent tooth by mimicking the tooth root and thereby stimulating healthy bone growth. 

With dental implants, patients never worry about receding jaw bone, shifting teeth, and other dental issues. You can eat, speak, and smile with confidence again.

Modern Dental Implants in Calgary

If you are interested in restoring a tooth, contact Avenida Dental Centre. We are more than happy to arrange a consultation with our dentist to go over your options.

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