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Does getting a dental implant hurt?

You might be surprised to learn that getting a dental implant in South Calgary is not as uncomfortable as you might think.

The process starts with implant placement surgery. During your surgery, dental anesthetics are used to ensure that you are numb and don't feel anything during the procedure.

After implant placement surgery, we give your implant time to heal and integrate with your bone, which happens through a process called osseointegration. This typically takes anywhere from three to six months.

When your implant is fully fused with your bone, it is ready to support your new tooth. You'll return to Avenida Dental Centre where our dentists will attach the customized crown they designed to complement your smile.

A dental implant closely mimics your natural tooth since it replaces both your tooth and its root. It provides excellent longevity since it has the potential to last for a lifetime with excellent home care and regular dental checkups.

If you are suffering from tooth loss and would like to learn more about tooth replacement options, our dentists would love to talk with you. During an evaluation, they can determine if tooth implants in South Calgary are the right treatment for your needs and walk you through the treatment process.

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