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How often should I get x-rays?


dental x-ray of teeth | Dentist Calgary ABDental x-rays are recommended to find teeth that are diseased or damaged that are not visible during a regular visual check-up.  Often, cavities will occur between the teeth, underneath seemingly healthy enamel or below the gum-line. With x-rays we can catch these cavities in their early stages, significantly reducing the chance of more costly procedures such as root canal treatment or a crown. In addition to cavity detection, x-rays are a valuable tool for catching early-stage bone loss, infections or diseases.

How often should I get x-rays?

How often we recommend x-rays is dependent on a number of factors but generally, it's based on a patient's oral health, age, and signs of oral diseases. Overall we recommend x-rays to be taken on an annual basis with your biannual check-up. This ensures we can catch any tooth damage or diseases before they become larger and more costly concerns.  

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