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What should I do if my dentures do not fit?

types of dentures | Calgary AB DentistIll-fitting dentures can make it difficult to eat a variety of foods and may even cause embarrassment when eating with others. Dentures that slip or fall can also cause denture sores to form as they shift about in the mouth.

Because of changes in bone over time, dentures require periodic relines or replacement. Other changes in health can also cause denture fit to change, including weight gain or loss. 

Schedule Periodic Dental Exams

Even if you do not have any remaining natural teeth, we still recommend periodic dental exams to support good oral health. 

  • Exam of soft tissue and gums
  • Denture exam and inspection
  • Adjustments to both full and partial dentures
  • X-rays to monitor bone health

Regular Dental Exams in T2J 7A4

Many patients with dentures do not realize the importance of regular dental exams. Your dentist is often the first person to notice changes in tissue that could indicate oral cancer or the presence of pre-cancerous lesions. As with all types of cancer, early detection improves prognosis.

If we ever see suspicious tissue lesions, our dentists will recommend a biopsy and follow up with your results.

For new dentures or to have the fit of your denture adjusted, please contact our South Calgary dental office to book a dental appointment.

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