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What can I do in a dental emergency?

Tooth and first aid kit | Dental Emergency Calgary ABUnfortunately a dental emergency will likely happen to everyone at some point in their life. Our south Calgary dentists will always find time in our schedule to help you get out of pain, most times the same day.

Like any injury or emergency situation, do your best to remain calm and let us worry about finding a solution. Below are a few common emergencies we encounter and how to best handle them at home:

Broken tooth:

Fractures or fillings coming out are quite common. Often these teeth will be quite sensitive to cold temperatures or biting hard foods. Until you're able to visit us avoid hard foods or anything too cold that could cause you sensitivity. If needed, take some over the counter ibuprofen or Advil.

Knocked out tooth:

Sports, especially hockey are quite notorious for this. If you're unfortunate enough to have this happen, do NOT touch the root of the tooth. Either try to place the tooth back in the socket or temporarily store the tooth in milk. Time is of the essence as the chances of success in re-implanting this tooth drop significantly with time. We always have a dentist on call after hours if you ever experience a severe emergency. 


This often happens with infected teeth or gums. If the swelling is very rapid and is noticeable in the mirror, please call us ASAP or visit your nearest walk-in clinic. 

Cuts or lacerations:

If you experienced some type of accident and require stitches, please visit the nearest ER immediately. The physician will recommend afterwards to come visit us to assess your teeth for any damage.  

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