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When should my child have his or her first dental appointment?

children brushing their teeth | Dentist Calgary ABThe Canadian Dental Association recommends that children have their first dental visit by age one, or when they get their first teeth. It's important to see the condition of these first few teeth and to give parents strategies to provide the best care possible for their children.

Importance of Baby Teeth

Baby (primary) teeth are important because they provide the blueprint for adult (permanent) teeth and preserve space as those teeth come in. Decay and premature tooth loss may cause overcrowding or misalignment of teeth. Our Avenida Dental Centre dentists are committed to working closely with parents to build a stable foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

Children's Dentistry

Regular dental appointments beginning at a young age also affords our dentists the opportunity to monitor growth and development. If jaws do not develop properly, we can recommend treatment with an orthodontist for interceptive orthodontics to improve jaw development with palatal expanders or other types of phase I orthodontics.

We work with each child, moving at a pace they feel comfortable with and explain their procedures in non-threatening terms to ensure their comfort throughout.

We also use these early childhood dental appointments to discuss habits such as thumb sucking, bottle use and pacifiers to avoid any complications.

If you are searching for children’s dentistry in South Calgary, we welcome you to Avenida Dental Centre where we welcome every member of the family.

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