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Is breaking a tooth a dental emergency?

Breaking a tooth may or may not cause you discomfort. If it's not uncomfortable, you might wait to contact your dentist. However, in either case, a broken tooth might lead to more significant problems, and you may want to contact your emergency dentist in South Calgary as soon as possible. Here's what you need to know. 

Even if it is not causing you pain, a broken tooth allows bacteria to enter into your tooth, and it can make its way to your nerve. When this happens, an infection can develop that will cause discomfort and result in the need for a tooth extraction if left untreated. Don't let this happen; call for emergency dentistry in Lake Bonavista right away if you have a broken tooth.

When you're proactive about treating a broken tooth, a dental crown can repair your compromised tooth. A crown fits over your damaged tooth and replaces it with a porcelain restoration customized to look and feel like your natural tooth. Your new tooth crown blends seamlessly with your smile and provides all the functions you had before.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a broken tooth in South Calgary, protect your oral health by calling your emergency dental team at Avenida Dental Centre at (403) 225-0990 for prompt dental care.

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