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We Provide Root Canal Treatment in South Calgary, AB

December 18, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Christine Holko
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A root infection can be painful and cause worry, but modern technology and a gentle dentist can make all the difference. We provide root canal treatment in South Calgary, AB, and we always work hard to keep you comfortable.

After numbing the area, your dentist in South Calgary gently clears away the infected root and pulp. We temporarily seal the tooth with a temporary filling to promote healing. Later, you may need a filling or a dental crown to restore the tooth.

How Do I Know If I Need Root Canal Treatment in South Calgary, AB?

A root canal means you have a root infection of your tooth. In the early stages, there may be few symptoms. However, you may experience tooth sensitivity. We recommend contacting your dentist if you notice tooth sensitivity that does not clear up within a few days.

As the root infection takes hold, you may notice:

  • A bump or blister on the gum near the infected tooth
  • Tooth pain and increased sensitivity
  • Gum pain and swelling

Is a Dental Crown Necessary after Root Canal Treatment?

Typically, a dental crown in South Calgary, AB supports a tooth weakened by a root infection, allowing you to use the tooth without concern for breakage.

Our tooth crowns match your smile.

What Happens If I Don't Get a Root Canal?

If you allow a root infected tooth to go without treatment, you risk tooth loss—including loss of other teeth—by allowing the infection to spread. Additionally, the pain may worsen until you’re facing a dental emergency in South Calgary, AB.

Typically, your pain decreases significantly following root canal treatment in South Calgary, AB, and mild discomfort tends to disappear in a day or two.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment in South Calgary, AB?

If you have one or more symptoms of a root infection, or if you haven’t visited your dentist in a while, we look forward to hearing from you.

We will be resuming normal hours of operation starting Thursday, May 14th.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment!