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3 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Good Dental Habits

August 8, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Christine Holko
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A beautiful smile is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime! As a parent, you want your son or daughter to smile with confidence, which promotes success in all aspects of their lives. Because oral health is so closely related to overall health, it's essential to develop good dental habits when children are young. Here are a few ways you can help your child learn and develop good tooth routines that will serve them for a lifetime.

Lead By Example

Make sure that your child sees you brushing and flossing your teeth every day. This habit not only shows your son or daughter the importance of developing good habits; it also helps them see proper brushing and flossing techniques. Children need your assistance with brushing and flossing their teeth until they are around the ages of seven or eight years old.

Visit Your Children's Dentist in Calgary, AB Regularly

To develop good routines and feel comfortable in the dental chair, children should be visiting their dentist every six months, just like their parents. These visits allow your dentist to monitor your child's oral development closely, make you aware of any concerns, and plan the appropriate treatment.

Developing a friendly relationship with their children's dentist in Calgary, AB also sets children up for a lifetime of comfortable and successful dental visits.

Start Developing Good Dental Habits Early

Your little one's dental journey begins even as an infant. Parents should be wiping their baby's gums with a warm washcloth after feedings to clear away any excess bacteria left in their mouth. Parents can also begin brushing their baby's teeth as soon as the first ones arrive. 

Your son or daughter's first visit to the dentist should occur six months after their primary teeth erupt. Early dental care helps your child acclimate to going to the dentist and shows them the importance of developing good oral habits.

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