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Common Dental Emergencies

October 30, 2021
Posted By: Avenida Dental Centre

One question we hear a lot at the dental office is, "What constitutes a dental emergency?" Great question! Sometimes it's hard to know if you should contact your dentist right away or not, especially if it's after business hours, which many dental emergencies tend to be.

Here's a good rule of thumb that we tell our patients to follow. Call us first, even if you're unsure, and our helpful team will assess your situation and point you in the right direction for the care you need. Even after hours, someone is available to take your call and provide guidance.

Common Dental Emergencies We Can Help You With

Here are some of the dental emergencies we handle and even provide same-day treatment for in some cases:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Broken or cracked dentures
  • Knocked-out or dislodged teeth
  • Facial pain or swelling
  • Lost or damaged restorations like crowns or fillings
  • Toothaches, abscesses, or tooth infections

Again, even if you don't see your problem on the list, please call us first if you have a dental emergency in South Calgary. Hospitals aren't often equipped to handle tooth emergencies, and we can often save you time and money during an emergency.

How You Can Avoid Dental Emergencies

You can successfully avoid many tooth emergencies with excellent home care and regular dental checkups. This is because your dentist examines your teeth during these appointments and checks the health of old restorations. 

Your dentist can let you know early on if there are any problems to be concerned about so you can treat them before they become more significant. For example, it could mean the difference between needing a dental filling to restore a cavity and needing a root canal to eliminate a tooth infection and preserve your tooth.

We're Here When You Need Us

We leave time in our schedule at Avenida Dental Centre to help emergency patients. Please call us if you or a loved one is experiencing dental pain or an emergency.

We will be resuming normal hours of operation starting Thursday, May 14th.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment!